Help finding fanfic

I was wondering if anyone remembers a fanfiction that was hosted on, my memory of it it very blurry aside from a few things.
It was placed in the Shinra military school setting, Cloud was either sent back in time or just mentally a lot older, Aeris was mean to him, Sephiroth and Zack mistrusted him until they saw him collapse and Aeris started hurting him,Reno was his classmate/friend and always followed him around. I think Vincent was his teacher in something. I think Cloud was immortal and in the later chapters they found out the only way he could be killed was by fire/ burning all his cells at once. Also, when Cloud is taking his exams he has to fill in the wrong answers on purpose so he doesn't 100% it and look suspicious.

There was one line where Reno said: Why do you walk when you could use a car. And Cloud said something akin to "because I can see what I'm fighting for".

Yeah, my memory of this fic is jumbled all over the place but I remember it was a good read, very long and well written, I just can't seem to find it anywhere so if anyone knows which one it is or has it archived I would be eternally grateful.
Fair and Strife
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Looking for icynovas' FFVII fics T_T Please help.

Alright, not sure if anyone is on livejournal anymore, but I really need help and I'm a bit desperate here. I'm looking for someone who has an archive of any of icynovas' FFVII fics. I've been wanting to read her fics again. Unfortunately she disappeared sometime in late 2017 and took down all her fics and removed all content from her social media accounts.
If someone could be so kind to send me her fics if they have them saved or archived, I would be sooo very very grateful. I'm particularly looking for Iteration, It's Easy for the Bad Guys to Look Good, and Detours. If you have any (or all) her fics, please message me here on livejournal or please email me at,
Please and thank you! T_T

UPDATE (05/24/19): If anyone has the completed 'Iteration' and completed 'It's Easy for the Bad Guys to Look Good' as well as all of 'Detours,' please help me out! Icynovas was extremely prolific so if anyone has any stories at all, even the more obscure drabbles or one-shots, please email me and we can compare our sadly lacking archives and trade with each other. :)

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Well... Hello everyone! I'm... kinda late to the party? lol
No actually I had an old account (I don't even remember the username gosh) that I think got deleted after ages of inactivity so here I am with my secondary account that misteriously managed to survive! I also don't remember a thing about livejournal so I hope I'll manage ahah. Just wanted to say: I'm so happy the community is still here! Coming back and finding it still standing is a such a great feeling (also because I'm starting to feel super old, seeing all my bookmarks not working anymore is terrible.) And here I am again because what's better than an upcoming Remake to bring back my obsession with our dearests? All aboard the Hype train! Wish you the best guys!

Also... well I am looking for long lost tresures like danadess' "Promises" and "Rebirth and Reunion" and also Caroltrue's "Those that Drown"... I know the search is probably helpless and damn me for not saving them but hey, asking can't hurt right? Hope is hard to kill.

Puppet Cloud in Mobius Final Fantasy

I'm sure that anyone who is still active here is probably also active in other places where they are likely to have seen this already, but I thought that such a thoroughly spectacular example of puppet Cloud (and canon use of dark magic for bondage purposes, ohoho) deserved to be archived here as well.

This is from Square Enix's mobile spin-off game, Mobius Final Fantasy. Watch from 1:33 to 3:17 in particular for delicious puppety goodness.

(Also, that thumbnail on the video! xD)


fic reclist + request.

Uh... I don't know if this comm is alive anymore, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
Anyways, I manage a S/C blog @tumblr: here.

There's this fic reclist I've been working on that has fics categorized by year of posting. It's not really the most accurate thing, but so far I've got 2004 to 2016 covered. I'm out for recs for anything prior to 2004 and I don't know where to start, so help would very much be appreciated.

Here's the reclist. (Also, if you have recs for any year, I'm listening).
ff7 - cloud scribbles [woo!].

fic: Eir's Tomorrow (complete)

Title: Eir's Tomorrow
Author: jukeboxhound

Rating: R (battle violence, body horror, sexuality, PTSD)
Pairings: Sephiroth/Cloud, Zack/Aeris
Summary: Cloud is the Planet's greatest weapon, and if he can't fix old wrongs and battles then he may end up being the means by which it all ends (again).

Chapters 23/23

It may have taken about six years, but it's done.  \o/  Belated posting here, apologies for any upset.

fic: all my former fires (Sephiroth/Cloud, rated T)

fic: all my former fires
author: dustofwarfare
fandom: final fantasy vii (set post-Advent Children; probably this is a series now, sigh, how did that happen :| )
rating: teen
pairing/characters: sephiroth/cloud (references past sephiroth/genesis), aerith
summary: Sephiroth hates that it's Cloud who keeps him from getting lost in the dark -- even more than he hates Cloud for sending him there in the first place.

AN: My Sephiroth/Cloud stories are all kind of related, in some vague timeline, but prior stories refer to a past Sephiroth/Zack relationship -- this one has past Sephiroth/Genesis, as I've been rethinking my head!canon a bit. So if that seems contradictory to other stories previously written, that's why :)

Title is from the song Brother My Cup Is Empty by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

all my former fires

fic: the lie will unfurl (sephiroth/cloud, rated t)

title: the lie will unfurl

author: dustofwarfare

fandom: final fantasy vii (post Advent Children)

pairing: sephiroth/cloud

rating: teen and up

contains: angst? (how surprising for them :| )

word count: ~900

summary: it’s easier when he’s a monster.

AN: introspective character piece! also short, for me. lyrics by Placebo, who again, must all be secret Sephiroth/Cloud shippers. Song is The Crawl.

the lie will unfurl

fic: love you like a ruin (sephiroth/cloud, rated m)

title: love you like a ruin
author: dustofwarfare
fandom: final fantasy vii (post Advent Children)
rating: mature
content: slight warning for mild breathplay
word count: 4665
summary: For a long time they've been like two planets circling the same bright star, on a collision course doomed to destroy. Maybe it's time to start going the same direction for a change.

AN: this is probably set in the same ‘verse as “the appointed time” and “falls the shadow”, but you don’t need to read the other two to read this one. also i came across this artwork of Cloud and Sephiroth in the rain, and it made me keysmash and think thoughts about toppy!Cloud. Title from Thea Gilmore’s Razor Valentine.

love you like a ruin