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FF7 great authors/fics compilation

Hello people!

I hope this doesn't bother you (and that it's not redundant, which I'm not sure since I've never been on a FF7 community ^^;;).

Anyway, here is the deal:

I've been searching for good (preferably (but not exclusively!) slash and/or zack/seph/cloud or any combination with those three) FFVII Fanfictions. As you know, finding good fics now is kind of difficult, with the massive number of text available.

So I've decided to begin a compilation of great authors/fanfictions that we all know of (again, preferable slash, but I'm not stubborn, I will read a little of everything ^^).

And this explain why I need your help. If you could leave me a comment with a few authors/fanfictions that you can't live without, so I can list them all here, I would be in your debt!!! ^___^
(oh, and preferably no WIPs ;) I hate it when I'm reading a wonderful fic that hasn't been updated since 2003 and won't ever again >_<, T_T)

So, let's begin:

Sleeps With Coyotes aka Ciceqi (rec by anyssia)
Laylah (rec by anyssia)
GW Katrina aka icedark_elf (rec by anyssia)
tir-synni (rec by anyssia)
Asuka Kureru (rec by anyssia)
Dogmatix (rec by anyssia)
Chibirisuchan (rec by anyssia)
Thorne Scratch: FFnet and LJ (rec by dnatio_memoriae)
Karanguni (rec by dnatio_memoriae)
eerian_sadow (rec by eerian_sadow)
Twig (rec by x_cybergoth_x, anyssia, a_shadows_kiss)
x_cybergoth_x (rec by x_cybergoth_x)
the_staci (rec by sphinxofthenile)
jaded_grin (rec by sphinxofthenile)
ardwynna_m (rec by sphinxofthenile)
_ice_lady_ (rec by sphinxofthenile)
marchwarden23 (rec by sphinxofthenile)
tokyoroadkill (rec by sphinxofthenile)
etrix (rec by sphinxofthenile)
sphinxofthenile (rec by sphinxofthenile)
sister_coyote (rec by simargl_wings)
Skeren Dreamera (rec by aikonamika)
Hades Phoenix (rec by aikonamika)
Cleflink (rec by aikonamika, ldyavalon)
Amarissia (rec by ldyavalon)
Sephcounttheways (rec by ldyavalon)
CryptJo (rec by ldyavalon)
Rainbow_Serenity (rec by ldyavalon)
Etrix (rec by ldyavalon)
Bjanik (rec by ldyavalon)

The Likes of You (Cloud/Reno) by Thorne Scratch (rec by dnatio_memoriae)
How to Succeed in Sexual Blackmail Without Really (Cloud/Reno) by Thorne Scratch (rec by dnatio_memoriae)
A Long, Hard Road by Twig (rec by x_cybergoth_x, anyssia, a_shadows_kiss)

Rec Lists:
fantasia0829's (rec bydracontia, anyssia, fantasia0829)
Beachan's (rec by anyssia)

(crossposted in quite a few com, sorry ^^ I want to get the max recs possible! ^__^)

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