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~Because you are...~

...tainted love...

My Pretty Puppet - Sephiroth x Cloud Community
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Seph/Cloud is Love.

Welcome to My Pretty Puppet, a Sephiroth x Cloud (Final Fantasy VII (7), Kingdom Hearts, Ehrgeiz, Advent Children, Last Order, Crisis Core...) community.

Obviously, this place is very much YAOI FRIENDLY. Any and all Sephiroth/Cloud/Sephiroth content is ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED. Doujinshi imagery, fanart, fanfics, theories, essays... it's all good.


  • If you're sharing something, please don't link to a friends-only post in your personal journal. Post it here under an f-lock. If you must, do something like comment screening so people have to comment in order to get what you have to offer.
  • Yes, we would like to read your SephirothxCloud/CloudxSephiroth fic. =P
  • Hard R/NC-17/adult content is allowed, just post warnings beforehand. Some people don't like unexpected smut for some reason.
  • Other couples are allowed alongside SxC (yes, even heterosexual ones OMG) as long as SxC is present. Sephiroth and Cloud genfic is welcome as well. We aren't content Nazis, here.
  • Large images (over 400 pixels wide/high) should be behind an LJ-cut tag.
  • Fics must be labeled with appropriate rating/warnings, and the fic itself must also be behind an LJ-cut.
  • Keep your posts wank-free, don't flame or character-bash. Having strong opinions is okay, just respect the opinions of others, too.
  • The Memories tool holds nifty content.
  • If you want to pimp a community/RP, please keep your graphics at a reasonable size and put everything but the basics under a cut.
  • Have fun. XD

OMFG Sephiroth Wants To Doink Cloud =P

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